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Hey guys! Second chapter already in! <3.
Still in your POV.

"Hey Spain. I have the next class with you. Can you help me get there please?" He looked down at me as we walked down the extremely busy hallway and smiled happily.

"Of course senorita~! Sigueme!" He started walking down the hall at brisk pace after I asked and I barely managed to follow right behind him. We walked in silence for a bit before he finally decided to break it. "Oh! You might get to meet mi tomate today~!"

"Your tomato?" I asked curiously. The hell does he mean by that?

"My close friend Romano. He has a foul mouth and short-temper though. But I call him that because his face turns red like a tomato a lot~." He snickered lightly and I couldn't hlep but grin too.

"I think I'll be able to handle him." Spain laughed a bit louder and we continued to walk the rest of the way just enjoying each other's company and making small talk about random subjects. After a while, we finally stopped at another classroom door. He opened it for me and I walked inside.


"Oi! Where were you bastard!?" Someone shouted out angrily, cutting me off at the same time, at the exact moment the door opened and we stepped inside. Spain rubbed the back of his head and sheepishly averted his gaze.

"I was helping ______ get to class." I heard loud stomping make its way from the back of the room to the front, and a somewhat short-ish boy with dark chestnut brown hair, blazing-hazel eyes, and a strange, yet mesmerizing, curl sticking out of the right side of his head came walking up to us. More specifically, me.

"Who the hell are you?"

"My name is none of your damn business unless you ask properly." I snapped back at him, my (e/c) eyes narrowing just a tad. He looked surprised at my response, and a bit angrier, but he only huffed loudly as he tried to calm his voice down.

"Fine. Who are you?"

"______ ______. I'm new to this school. You?"

"Lovino. But I prefer Romano."

"See? Was that so hard?" I stood on my tippty-toes and pat his head like I would a dog, and he turned his face away as his hand came up to lazily swat my own away.


I ignored him. Instead, my eyes started to wander over to stare curiously at his strange curl, and I slowly reached over with wiggling fingers. I pinched it and gave it a small tug. Romano's reaction made me almost jump out of my skin because it was so sudden. His hand wrapped around my wrist in a vice grip and his cheeks were bright red.

"Don't touch. My curl." He growled viciously at me and tightened his grip, the sharp nails basically digging into my skin. I let the curl go and I pulled my wrist out of his grasp so I could cradle it against my chest. I glared at him. He glared back. It was like we were trying to see who would flinch first under the intense anger in our glares, but our war had to end as Spain came between us and put his arms around our shoulders cheerfully.

"Come on mi amigos! No need to fight. Let's go take our seats, no?" He hummed a happy little tune and began to drag Romano and I towards some desks by the window. I sat in the desk closest to the window as usual. The window seat always helps me think better for some reason. Romano sat on my right and Spain sat in the desk in front of me once again. He turned in his seat and flashed me a toothy grin. "You wouldn't mind meeting more people, right?"

"Um...I guess now?"

"Hey! Hey guys~! We have a new student! Who wants to meet her?" Spain called out to the class and frantically waved his arms around in the air. Welp. Fuck.

"New student!? I do! I do!" A loud, obnoxious voice boomed over everyone else's. I heard loud footsteps and desks being pushed around as said footsteps were making their way over to us three. I turned my head and stared out the window to hide my flushed face from everyone. What the hell is he thinking just calling me out like that? That damn Spaniard. Someone slammed their hand onto my desk and I jumped in shock, resisting temptation to see who did it.

"Hey there new girl! My name is Alfred F. Jones and I'm the hero of this school! But you can just call me America!" Might as well just look. I glanced over from the the corner of my eye to see another boy grinning widely at me. He had sandy brown hair that hung loosely in front of his forehead, and aquamarine blue eyes that were shimmering with excitement. He also had square-rimmed glasses hanging off the bridge of his nose and a weird piece of hair sticking out on the top of his head. Aw, how cute. He has a cowlick.

"Um...Hi there. I'm ______ ______. Nice to meet you?"


Another boy took a step out from behind America, sending a glare at him first, before clearing his throat into his hand and smiling a bit at me. "Hello there. My name is Arthur Kirkland. But people call me England around here. And you are?" He held his hand out sweetly. I gladly took it.

"______ ______." I smiled up at him in return. "You are the only sane one here I met so far!" He chuckled and released my hand. I had to admit, he wasn't to bad looking either. Well. Every male I have met so far has been good-looking. But who's paying attention? Not me. Pfft. He had unruly, blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and fair, even-toned skin. And he even had a nice British accent to match!

"Trust me. There are a lot more crazier people than who you met so far, love."

"Oh really?" I muttered. Suddenly, I heard a small, chiming laughter echo in my ears, and a strange, green, flying bunny flew in front of my face. The scent of mint wafted in the air.

"Flying Mint Bunny! You're here! I want you meet ______ ______. She's new to our school." England brought a hand up to pet the rabbit's head affectionately. I waved at the animal and he blinked.

"His name is Flying Mint Bunny?" I giggled. "You're so cute~!" FMB flew over, making a happy chirping noise, and nuzzled my cheek against his own. I looked over to England after a while and he seemed to be shocked and amazed at the same time. "What?"

"You can see him too?" He asked.

"Uh...yeah. What? Can no one else see him?"

"______? What are you doing? You were talking to yourself." America stared dumbly at me.

"No I wasn't. I was talking to Flying Mint Bunny."

"Oh geez. Another England!" America screamed and buried his face in his hands, wiggling around.

"Ignore them. They're idiots." A female voice piped up next to me. I stopped gushing over FMB to gaze over my shoulder and spot another person walk up to me. She had wavy, hazelnut-brown hair that ended at her waist and vibrant green eyes that were shimmering with kindness. "Hi there. My name is Elizaveta. Also known as Hungary around here." She smiled at me and shook my hand when I held it out.

"Dude, Hungary! We are not idiots!" America protested and slammed his hand on my desk again. Her left eye twitched for a second and released my hand to spin around on her black, Mary-Jane shoes. She seemed to have pulled out a frying pan from who knows where and waved it in front of his face with a dangerous look glinting in her green eyes.

"Don't make me use this America. I will do it. I use it on Prussia all the time and everyone knows it," She muttered. America gulped heavily, his blue eyes displaying obvious fear, and he scrambled to hide behind England, who only scoffed at her threat.

"Come on you bloody idiot! Frying pans aren't that scary!" England yelled at the man hiding behind him.

"I-It just reminded me of a h-horror movie I saw o-once! That's all! I-I'm the hero after all! I'm not scared of a f-frying pan! Hahaha~!" I could hear the extreme nervousness being laced into his laugh and I shrugged it off with a soft chuckle. No one appeared to my desk after a while and I guess that was everyone who wanted to get up and meet me. As I watched the small group before me bicker and make small talk over the simplest of things, I smiled and thought about how easy it would be to make friends here. That's when I noticed someone hiding in the corner of the room. The boy had long, blonde hair that stopped just above his shoulders, glasses that were very similar to America's own, another strange curl on top of his head, and a cute polar bear in his arms. I wonder who he is...

I stood up abruptly and everyone I just met watched me leave, staring curiously. The boy seemed to be trembling when I approached and I smiled at him as I sat in the desk in front of his own.

"Hi there~. What's your name?" I asked him cheerfully. He let out a strange squeak noise and lifted his eyes from the floor to meet my own. How interesting. They were a calm ocean of indigo.

"M-My name is Matthew Williams. But...I'm also c-called Canada." He spoke in a barely, audible whisper and he gave me a small smile as he did so. I returned it nicely.

"Guys, I think _____ is crazy. She's been talking to herself for the past 5 minutes.." I could hear America speak amongst the group in a low tone. That's when I heard a swing of a pan and America shriek in terror.

"So what are you doing sitting in the corner by yourself?" I sat in the desk next to him and gave him a curious glance.

"O-Oh! I always sit here. N-No one really notices me anyways."

"How can they not notice you?"

"I'm just...not a noticeable person I guess.." He rested his chin on the top of his polar bear's head and sighed sadly. I squinted my (e/c) eyes and looked him up and down as I studied his features. He must have caught me staring and his pale cheeks grew pink with a light blush. "Wh-why are you staring at me?"

"You look like Alfred." I pointed out bluntly.

"Yeah. He's my brother."

"He's your brother?"

He nodded. "B-But...even he doesn't notice me with everyone else."

Wait what? I opened my mouth to help reassure him that it's only a mistake that he could be doing that, but after meeting said American, maybe he does not notice him. Well that's just plain rude. I sighed a bit and continued to grin at him as I grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the swarm of students surrounding my desk. Canada was protesting quietly, but I just laughed a little and old him it will be fine. After making it back to my desk - jeez it was like an obstacle coarse getting back to my desk - I cleared my throat loudly to grab everyone's attention. Raising Canada's hand with my own, I spoke with everyone there and got him involved with each conversation. And they actually spoke to him in response when he managed to say something. The blush on his cheeks was spreading, but I could see a very happy smile spreading across his face.

"Thanks, _____."

Winking at him playfully, and releasing the grip on his hand, I sat back down in my desk and took out my sketchpad so I could continue to draw that wolf I was working on earlier. Though something was off. A hole was being bored into the side of my head and that's when my gaze was snapped to side. Only to see that Romano was starting intensely at me with that stupid glare of his. I started to feel uncomfortable again under his glare after a while and I frowned. "Why the hell do you keep staring at me?"

"You're strange." Was his blunt answer.

I took out my sketchpad and whacked him on the head.

"Chigi! What was that for?"

"Stop staring at me."

"So chica. How'd you like meeting everyone?" Spain turned in his seat eating a tomato and gave me a warm smile. I ignored Romano cursing in Italian and looked to Spain.

I smiled back and laughed. "It was interesting. But I feel like I made some new friends already. And wait...where did you get the tomato?"

"Hm? Oh! I always have an emergency stash of tomatoes with me! They're my favorite~!" He held it out to me. "Want a bite?"

"Uh...s-sure?" I leaned forward a nibbled a bit off the side. I blushed from embarrassment of Spain watching me while I bit off a piece.

"Aww. You're so cute! Your face is red like a tomate. Did I mention I like tomatoes?" Spain wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and turned my head to avoid eye contact with him.

"Y-Yes, you mentioned you like tomatoes.'re talking about the actual fruit." I mumbled. Spain laughed and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. Nuzzling his nose into my cheek.

"So cute~~." I yelped and blushed.

"G-Get off me Spain!" I pushed his arms off me and let out a small laugh. What is up with this guy?

"Oh my. I'm so sorry for being late everyone. I had to pull my little sister off of my younger brother." I heard a woman's voice say over everyone else's. I directed my attention to the front and my eyes widened at the sight of the teacher. Her boobs were huge! She was going through some papers on her desk and she looked close to tears. She picked one up and looked up. "_-_____?"


"S-Since you are new and all, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Ms. Katsyusha, also known as Ukraine, and i'll be your Algebra II teacher for this semester." She answered with a small smile.

I smiled in return. "Alrighty."

"Yo teach! Can we not do any work today? Math sucks!" America shouted out.

"But, I have to teach you kids. It's my job." Ukraine pointed out.

"Can't we just pretend we're doing our work? That way, you won't get caught and we'll have a day off!" He tried to negotiate. Ukraine began to cry and she wailed, "I-I can't do that children! I-I'm so sorry!"

I chuckled to myself. This is going to be one hell of a year.
Second chapter! Ahhh! I'm so excited! :iconiloveyouplz: I didn't expect for people to like it so much. I really appreciate it you guys!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Writing (c) Me!

:heart: Oh! By the way, here are the results of the poll "Who the character should end up with poll" :heart:

:iconblushplz: Romano Won!

CH1: [link]
CH3: [link]
(( Okay! So, after I posted my chapter 12 of this story, I came to realize that my writing skills were awful when I first started. The sentences were too short. I made things move to fast. Etc. Bluh. Mywritingstillisn'tthatgoodanyways. I've decided to go through the rest of the chapters before my recent post and revise them to make them better. ;u; ))
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